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Manure Phosphorus Management for the Suwannee River Basin: A Model for Highly Leachable Soils

FAES Project Number: SWS-03898/SWS-03865

W.G. Harris, V.D. Nair, R. Mylavarapu,R.D. Rhue, D.A. Graetz, G. Kidder
Funding Agency: USDA-IFAFS
Duration: Short
Characterizing the soils based on leachability for to determine the optimum
loading rates for dairy manure in the Suwannee Basin
Daniel Herrera, M.S. student - thesis

Goals and Objectives
The ultimate goal of this project is reduction of P leaching risks on coastal plain landscapes subjected to manure applications, based on effective soil assessments and well-targeted management practices. It is very important that educational tools be developed for training students and professionals who will work with producers impacted by P management regulations. Educational material developed will integrate the findings of this project into farm-wide nutrient management planning.

1) To test the Florida and Georgia P indexing schemes on highly leachables soilis and karst landscapes of the Suwannee River Basin (SRB).
2). To evaluate site-specific soil assessment approaches which can be used to more quantitatively predict P transport from manure-amended fields.
3). To develop an instructional extension module for nutrient (especially P) management planning based on existing and project-derived information on manure utilization in the SRB.
4). To write a final report, which will include a synthesis of implications for P management.