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Utilization of Legumes in Crop Rotations Programs to Reduce Nitrate Leaching from Potato Production into Sensitive Florida Watersheds

FAES Project Number: SWS-03865

C. M Hutchinson,R. Mylavarapu, M. White
Funding Agency: FDEP 319
Duration: 7/01/02-6/30/05
Demonstration project on farmer’s fields in the
St. Johns, Putnam and Flagler counties of NE Florida
As a follow-up to the Nitrate Bill research study

Goals and Objectives
Project Objectives:

1. Demonstrate a cropping sequence that utilizes nitrogen fixed by legumes for potato production on three grower farms in the Tri-county Agricultural Area in the St. Johns River Water Management District.

2. Document any reduction in inorganic fertilizer requirements in potato production system under north Florida conditions.

3. Verify the existing nitrogen BMPs and identify the feasibility for long term adoption and any needs for modifications.